About Us:

Techies.com was originally conceived as a career website for the IT service industry. By 1999 the company listed 977,000 certified IT professionals who offered their services to recruiters and employers who searched the Techies database.

By 2004, competition in the market from Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com prompted Techies.com to evolve. Rather than focus on matching computer professionals with potential employers, we mobilized our database into a national computer service/repair team.

Many individuals and small businesses do not have the IT resources to support their needs. Through our expansive network of thousands of highly trained Techies professionals, we can service almost every business or home IT challenge.

Just about any location in the U.S. and Canada is within close proximity of one of our experienced techs.

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Upgrade Detect. Inc.
On too many occasions, techs would go to a customer site unaware of which components would need to be repaired or replaced. Order fulfillment requires additional time, and even then there were cases when the wrong part would be delivered.

To address this problem, Techies.com partnered with UpgradeDetect, Inc. in 2006 to create a patented software system that automatically scans a computer or network and determines the correct service parts needed to fix any problem. Our Techies techs now have the ability to remotely determine if any parts are needed and complete repairs in one visit.

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