Custom IT Services:

Sometimes it seems like the list of potential IT problems grows longer every year. And each one can have a negative impact on productivity. Techies provides a full array of customer IT services to fit your technology needs. Whatever the problem, Techies has an expert ready to fix it – fast. Data Recovery Gone doesn’t necessarily mean gone forever. Our tech experts can often recover lost data from your hard drive or storage devices.

Data Backup and Storage
Do you have a reliable data backup system in place? Techies can recommend and install software solutions that can protect your data, even in a disaster recovery scenario.

PC Removal and Erasure of Sensitive Data
Sometimes there is no alternative but to replace a computer. But there may be confidential data on that machine that is retrievable, and can lead to identity theft if it falls into the wrong hands. Techies can erase your sensitive data and remove and dispose of your old equipment in a safe and environmentally responsible fashion.

Employee Technology Training

If your company is expanding you may need to hire personnel and train them on your IT equipment and networks. Let Techies take care of that for you. We have experts on every type of system on staff, who can educate your team and provide experienced knowledge transfer.

A Money Back Guarantee
Techies guarantees the quality of the work and is insured for liability issues. All work on every service call comes with a money-back guarantee.  

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