Network Services:

In this era of mobile devices for a mobile workforce, more people are relying upon technology to connect their home to their office, their company to their clients, or multiple offices throughout a city or state. When that network is severed, business stops. Techies can repair any network connectivity issues, and restore the lines of communication.

Computer Network Support
Techies can take care of upgrades, security issues, or any problem that impacts your computer networks. Freezes or crashes may be a server issue. We'll diagnose the problem and have you back to work in no time.

Broadband Upgrade
Most networks have upgraded to some sort of broadband connection. If you haven't yet discovered computing at speeds far beyond dial-up, Techies can shift your business into the fast lanes on the information superhighway. Or we can upgrade your current broadband connection to whatever works best with your systems and in your area, whether it's cable, DSL, T1 or satellite.

Wireless Home Network Installation
Techies can install wireless routers and equipment, build and test a complete wireless network, and have your office or home business running more efficiently without being tied to a wall socket.

Network Storage Device Repair/Replacement

Storage drivers are an essential component in your IT network. When they go down, Techies will diagnose the problem and complete repairs if necessary, or work with you on selecting the replacement best suited to your company’s needs.

From network administration to data migration, there’s a Techies professional ready to service your IT needs – and they may be just around the corner from your home or office.

A Money Back Guarantee
Techies guarantees the quality of the work and is insured for liability issues. All work on every service call comes with a money-back guarantee.

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