Talent on Demand for AWS Jobs

Talent on Demand for AWS Jobs

Techies.com ™is the leading marketplace connecting high-quality tech talent with organizations needing interim help on projects using Amazon Web Services. Our exclusive network of vetted AWS experts are available on demand to tackle everything from coding, development and engineering to cloud migration, data migration and blockchain.

Most organizations using Techies.com just need someone to help with a project or issue. We match their needs with AWS experts seeking part-time, short-duration and flexible jobs.

We also understand depth of field as it pertains to expertise. While you may hire only one or two of our AWS experts, they’re part of Techies.com’s exclusive AWS community of experienced pros. If ever your Techie needs a second opinion or help with a complex challenge, they can quickly receive it from their Techies.com colleagues.
Service Offerings

Virtual Talent

  • Engagements may be fractional to full time in nature.
  • Candidates fill out a profile with their experience, availability & desired work arrangements.
  • Like AWS, use only when needed.

Managed Services

  • Service agreements that may be on demand or fixed monthly fee.
  • Contract, terms, conditions established with techies.com.

Project-Based Consulting

  • Cloud migration technology service.
  • Formal proposal and project leadership provided by techies.com.
  • Fixed bid and/or time and materials pricing available.


Please contact our support center at support@techies.com or call (952) 259-3223