Who we are

We are business leaders and techies who understand employers’ desire to tap quality tech talent for their interim Amazon Web Services projects. Most organizations using Techies.com just need someone to help with a project or issue. We match one’s need with the best AWS expert seeking a part-time, short-duration or flexible job.

We also understand depth of field, as it pertains to expertise. While you may hire only one or two of our techies, they’re part of our exclusive AWS community of experienced pros. If ever one needs a second opinion or help with a complex challenge, they can quickly receive it from their Techies.com colleagues.

We help employers....

  • Find and retain the best tech talent
    • Find credentials that matter, including but not limited to AWS certification.
    • Obtain the appropriate talent that fits your AWS recruiting needs.
    • Tap a talent pool deep and diverse enough to transition from one skill set to another as your company changes.
    • Fit the right person for the role, increasing retention.
  • Contain the budget
    • Fractional contracts are supported and encouraged.
    • Efficiently manage the ups and downs of resource requirements.
    • Align technology needs with existing resources.
    • Spend money on most needed issue(s).

We help AWS talent....

  • Market yourself and find great AWS opportunities in one place.
  • Explore other possibilities without your employers knowing.
  • Obtain or improve work life balance by working remotely on part time jobs or interim multi-month projects
  • Work on interesting, leading edge technology using the latest in Amazon Web Services.
  • Pick up additional AWS certification, skills and experience.
  • Network/compare notes with other AWS experts within the Techies.com AWS community.


Please contact our support center at support@techies.com or call (952) 259-3223