Unlock Cloud Security as a Techies Member.

Unlock Cloud Security as a Techies Member.

There is strength in numbers

At Techies, we understand that every company is unique. However, we are building a community of mid-sized businesses who share a common goal: to decrease cyber risk by transitioning to the cloud. Our private community allows members to share their experiences and knowledge. No matter where you chose to start, with Techies, business leaders can feel confident in their ability to improve their company's cyber security at their own pace.



  • Private community of peers and industry experts who want to strengthen their cyber security posture.
  • Annual subscription starts with an diagnostic which will inventory your current situation and reveal potential risks and issues. You'll see how you compare to other Techies members.
  • From there, you can use our templates and resources co-developed by the Members to plan your remediation roadmap which can be executed yourself or with the help of Techies.

There is strength in numbers.

GET The top 10 Reasons to consider moving your IT to the Cloud



  • It’s time to button up security and move to the cloud, but you don’t have unlimited budget, and you can’t afford to pay resources to figure it out themselves.
  • Let techies perform your premise to cloud migration. We’ll bring templates and resources from the Membership.
  • And, we’ll introduce you to a short list of Assessors which will ensure that you’ll end up with HITRUST, SOC2T2, or other appropriate credential.

It’s like renting the A-Team to come and secure your village.



  • Ever wake up and think about your IT situation? How would you like to get more sleep by leaving the management of your Techies Secured environment to us?
  • There’s no question that we’ll know how to keep your cloud humming, after all, we helped you implement it using a common set of Membership standards.

Let us pay for the dream hires while you catch up on your sleep.


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